Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): Summer

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We welcome you to the third issue of the Australian Pharmacy Students’ Journal (APSJ).

The release of the third issue of the APSJ marks one year since the Journal was first published. We are celebrating one year of student involvement, leadership and success.

In this third issue of the APSJ, we celebrate the importance of rural health, which has been identified as a health priority in not only Australia but also worldwide. Many frameworks and goals have been outlined to improve the health of rural communities. Here, we present some pieces written by local and international pharmacy students on the matter.

In this issue we have 11 pieces, that range from rural and Indigenous health, pharmacy practice, pharmacy education, public health and medication safety.

We invite you to experience rural health from the lens of our pharmacy students. 

Published: 28.02.2023