International Pharmacy Students Opinion Piece Competition

Open for Submissions - due 10th May 2022, 11:59pm AEDT

The Australian Pharmacy Students’ Journal (APSJ) is opening the “International Pharmacy Students Opinion Piece Competition” to all pharmacy students around the world. The APSJ is the only pharmacy students’ journal in the world and although the journal was inaugurated from Australia, it is branching out to support the research conducted by all pharmacy students. This is an opportunity for pharmacy students all over the world to write a short 500-1000 word opinion piece on services/practices they personally aspire to see implemented/improved in the profession of pharmacy within their own country. Examples of these may include:

  • Creating new roles for pharmacists such as opioid stewardship
  • Broadening the scope of practice for pharmacists such as vaccinating, partnered charting 
  • Developing new technological innovations to assist pharmacists such as robots to help dispense and order medications or real time dispensing history monitoring

These topics are only examples and we encourage students to think about what they personally would like to implement or improve. We hope that through this competition, pharmacy students all over the world can be inspired by each other and learn to love the pharmacy profession even more. 


What service/practice would you implement/improve to further the profession of pharmacy in your country?


  • The submission must be between 500 - 1000 words and in English
  • You must be a current pharmacy student
  • Submissions close on 10th of May 2022,11:59pm AEDT
  • You must fill out the APSJ "Manuscript Cover Sheet" and attach it separately with your submission

How to submit

  • Access the APSJ website 
  • Press “Make a Submission”
  • Register to the APSJ 
  • Download and fill in the “Manuscript Cover Sheet”. The link can be found in the “Submission Preparation Checklist”
  • Press “Make a new submission”
  • Confirm your submission meets the requirements of the APSJ and acknowledge the copyright statement
  • Upload your submission and your manuscript cover sheet
  • Enter metadata and confirm your submission 


  • The winners of this competition will have their piece published into the APSJ’s next issue in June. 
  • The winners of this competition will receive a free physical copy of the 2022 Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) -  (for students outside of Australia
    • An independent, evidence-based national drug reference, it is an important clinical resource for health practitioners concerned with the quality use of medicines. It offers concise, reliable and comprehensive information with easy-to-find comparative drug data allowing users to compare drugs and make informed prescribing choices.
  • The winners of this competition will receive a free one-year online subscription to the Therapeutic Guidelines (TG) - (for students outside of Australia
    • Therapeutic Guidelines is a leading source of independent, evidence-based, practical treatment advice to assist practitioners with decision making at the point-of-care.
    • Therapeutic Guidelines are regularly updated, based on the latest international literature, interpreted by Australia’s most respected experts, with input from an extensive network of general practitioners, pharmacists and other users.

Apart from this opinion piece competition, we are planning on accepting submissions internationally. If you are conducting any research at the moment and would like to publish it, consider publishing it into the APSJ. The APSJ is the first and only pharmacy student journal in the world. We are a peer-reviewed journal and we publish bi-annually. The journal’s inaugural issue was published January 2022 The winners of the competition will have their work published in our next issue in June. 

The closing date for the competition is the 10th of May 2022,11:59pm AEDT

Winners will be announced on the APSJ website and will be personally emailed

Please forward any questions to or