Information For Reviewers

We are always accepting expressions of interest from academic and student reviewers! To sign up, register with the journal and select the option of being an academic or student reviewer. Please then email 

Please see Reviewer Guidelines here

Before we assign you an article, you must either have previous reviewing experience (academic reviewers) or attend a Reviewer Workshop held at either NAPSA Congress (Mid January) or the Sunday after NAPSA AGM (First weekend of July)

Being a reviewer is a 1-year term (starting from either January or July) during which you will be expected to review at least 1 article in 12 months, up to a maximum of 5. 

The review process:

The APSJ uses a double-blind review process.  This means the author does not know who reviewed their work and the reviewer does not know who's work they are reviewing. 

For each article, we have 3 reviewers: two student reviewers and one academic reviewer.

  • Reviewers have one week to accept the review, and then an additional three weeks to review the article (four weeks total). 
  • The article will then be sent back to the author for revisions. The author then has four weeks to revise it and make any changes.
  • Reviewers will then need to review the article again for the second round of review and will have another four weeks to complete this.
  • The author will then complete the final revisions before the article will be accepted for publication. 

If you need any assistance please contact