The Cliff's Edge: A Student Perspective of Women’s Leadership in Pharmacy


  • Jack Papworth
  • Samantha King
  • Joanne Wickens
  • Georgia Bridges



pharmacy, student-led journal, peer-reviewed , pharmacy research , undergraduate research , women, leadership, women in leadership


The pharmacy profession has become a female-dominated industry. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) census data from 2021 reveals that 63.06% of the registered pharmacist workforce identify as female, with the remaining 36.94% and <0.01% identified as male or intersex/intermediate/not-stated, respectively.1 This gender-bias extends to other valued members of the pharmacy workforce, with Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) data revealing that 89.66% of pharmacy assistants and technicians identify as female.

This piece acknowledges that historical data on gender equality in pharmacy does not respect the full gender spectrum, which exists within our workforce, that the authors are cognisant of.

How can the profession remedy the gender disparity in leadership positions for contemporary pharmacists living in Australia?


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