The Importance of Narrative Practice in Relationship-Based Pharmacy Care


  • Sumayyah Khalid University of Manchester



Narrative medicine, Pharmacy, pharmacy student, Humanities, Counselling, peer-reviewed , pharmacy researech, student-led journal


Improving narrative practice in pharmacy care in the UK is key to enhancing the pharmacist-patient relationship. These improvements can be carried out by encouraging pharmacy students to develop a narrative-based approach, which will improve their capacity to deliver compassionate care to patients.

Narrative practice in pharmacy is particularly exciting to me because it humanises the patient, offering a non-pharmacological method of managing emotional and physical pain, thus contributing to overall well-being.3 Narrative practice is also a means for patients to connect with their true feelings surrounding their predicament, and to share these with their pharmacist which helps to build trust and rapport. This improves the understanding of both parties and strengthens the patient-pharmacist relationship. In an increasingly transactional world, and a climate where people have been traumatised by social isolation due to the difficulties posed by COVID-19, pharmacists can maintain a patient-focused approach by allowing the time and space for patients’ stories to be fully articulated and understood.


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