Inaugural Editorial - A Journal Created by Students, for Students


  • Joanne Wickens Co-Editor-in-Chief, Australian Pharmacy Students' Journal, Australia | 3rd year BPharm(Hons) - RMIT University, VIC, Australia
  • Forrest Tang Co-Editor-in-Chief, Australian Pharmacy Students' Journal, Australia | 4th year BPharm(Hons) - University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia


pharmacy student, undergraduate research, pharmacy research, peer-reviewed, student-led journal


With its first breath, The Australian Pharmacy Students’ Journal (APSJ) dedicates its life to target this ongoing development at a student level, in the hope that we can foster essential research skills and create a research culture that will positively impact the future of the pharmacy profession. 

Making its debut with the utmost confidence in its ability to prove worthy of its intentions with high hopes for success.


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