Student-led Research and Undergraduate Journals: A Scoping Review


  • Vasilios Sotiropoulos 4th year BPharm(Hons) - University South Australia, SA, Australia
  • Matthew Perry 4th year BPharm(Hons) - University of Sydney, NSW, Australia


undergraduate research, mentorship, publication, professional development, pharmacy student, pharmacy research, student-led journal


Introduction: Student-led research is essential in advancing not only students’ skillset but also the standards of pharmacy practice and research. The opportunities for student-led research are abundant with all accredited Australian undergraduate pharmacy programs offering an integrated honours stream.

Method: A search strategy was developed and databases including Embase, Google Scholar, PsychINFO and Scopus were searched. A search to identify the existence of student-led journals was also undertaken. All results were filtered using an inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Results: The search did not uncover a student-led journal targeted towards an audience of pharmacy but identified a sample of 20 student-led journals. The search result discusses the improvements in academic writing and communication as well as research competency and overall professional development.

Conclusion: Undergraduate research furthers the skillset and professional development of students and creating a student-led journal can provide an avenue for students to publish their work. The review suggests that there is scope for Australian pharmacy students to pursue the opportunity to create a student-led journal.


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