A Letter from the Publications Officer: A Personal Experience


  • Brielle Geard




letter, apsj, student led research, opportunities in research, student-led journal


Research is sometimes overlooked in the world of pharmacy. However, it is a vital area that is continuously expanding along with the increasing expectation of pharmacists to understand and evaluate clinical research to ensure optimum care for their patients. I believe research is looked past by students as they are not presented with enough opportunities during their university education to learn about research and have limited opportunities to write and publish their own work. Research is used more sparsely in pharmacy schools to support the curriculum rather than a direct focus on the publication process. Being the first peer-reviewed pharmacy students journal in the world, the Australian Pharmacy Students’ Journal (APSJ) has created a one of a kind experience for pharmacy students, not only in Australia, but across the globe. It has built a space for students to not only publish their work, but to learn about the processes involved in publishing research by becoming a publications officer, student reviewer or copyeditor.


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