Opinion Piece Competition



  The APSJ Opinion Piece competition is a chance for you to write about your experiences you have encountered as a pharmacy student during COVID-19. We are keeping the question very open and broad. Impress us and write whatever you like on things you have learnt or discovered that you may not have experienced pre-COVID-19. ✍️ Click Here for more information on how you can enter    This competition also allows you to experience our APSJ website and how you can submit work in the future. Apart from this opinion piece, we are accepting a variety of different forms of work. If you are conducting any research at the moment and would like to show it off, consider publishing it to the APSJ. We are the first and only peer-reviewed pharmacy student journal in the world. We publish bi-annually and our next edition is due in January 2022. 🔬   Any questions? Send them through to forrest.tang@napsa.org.au or to research.chair@napsa.org.au   The closing date for the competition is the 31st of October 2021. Let the writing begin, and may the odds be in your favor. 💊   Bring that AMH home!!!✨