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The Australian Pharmacy Students' Journal exists to support future pharmacist's research endeavours. 

It is the only peer-reviewed pharmacy student journal in the world, providing pharmacy students around the world with the opportunity to develop research skills and publish their work. The Journal accepts submissions from students in the form of original research articles, academic review articles, qualitative research articles, case reports, academic viewpoint, feature articles, and opinion pieces. 

Research is a key area that multiple national and international pharmacy bodies have identified as an area to develop in the pharmacy profession. NAPSA believes that targeting this at a student level will increase employability, develop a research culture, and positively impact the future of the profession. 

APSJ is a biannual publication - the first edition is published at the end of January after Australia day to tie in with Congress and the second edition is published in the first weekend of July to tie in with NAPSA AGM. 


Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): Summer
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We welcome you to the 5th issue of The Australian Pharmacy Students’ Journal (APSJ).

Today, there is a great demand within all sectors of the healthcare system in Australia, particularly in General Practice (GP) clinics. Pharmacists are the medication experts in our healthcare system. They are no longer confined to traditional roles in community and hospital settings. We have seen advancements of pharmacists being placed into new areas to align with the idea that pharmacists should be wherever there are medicines. The future holds great potential for students, as they are in the perfect place to witness where the pharmacy profession is headed. This is the message we want to convey in this issue: the future of pharmacy has never looked brighter, and we are excited to be a part of this journey. 

In this issue we address the current advancements occurring in pharmacy practice and what students envision pharmacy practice will look like in the future. The role of a pharmacist differs greatly based on the level of their scope of practice in their respective countries they reside and practice in. We received submissions from students and interns across Australia, as well as two international submissions, one from Canada, and one from the United Kingdom. Their articles further enriched the journal by bringing a fresh perspective to what the future of pharmacy could look like for these countries.

In this issue there are 12 pieces ranging from recognition, compassion for yourself and for others, potentially inappropriate medicines, antibacterial activity of medicinal plants and student experiences.

Published: 02.03.2024


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