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The Australian Pharmacy Students' Journal exists to support future pharmacist's research endeavours. 

It is the only peer-reviewed pharmacy student journal in the world, providing Australian pharmacy students with the opportunity to develop research skills and publish their work. The Journal accepts submissions from students in the form of original research articles, academic review articles, qualitative research articles, case reports, academic viewpoint, feature articles, and opinion pieces. 

Research is a key area that multiple national and international pharmacy bodies have identified as an area to develop in the pharmacy profession. NAPSA believes that targeting this at a student level will increase employability, develop a research culture, and positively impact the future of the profession. 

APSJ is a biannual publication - the first edition is published at the end of January after Australia day to tie in with Congress and the second edition is published in the first weekend of July to tie in with NAPSA AGM. 


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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022): Winter
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We welcome you back to the second issue of The Australian Pharmacy Students' Journal (APSJ).

During the preparation of this issue, the idea of "expanding the APSJ internationally" was ambitious. Given that the APSJ is the first peer-reviewed pharmacy students journal in the world, we wanted to share this opportunity with not only Australian pharmacy students but also pharmacy students all around the world. The APSJ provides a platform to not only publish student-led research but also the opportunity to be involved in the peer-reviewing process. The aim of the Journal is to foster research skills in our soon to be pharmacists to help boost the standard of professionals entering the workforce.

Our first issue in January 2022 proved to be a great success. There were many who were excited about the publication, including professional pharmacy bodies, academics and students. Many expressed their interest in becoming an academic/student reviewer for the APSJ. Some of the submissions from this issue were from students that expressed interest after witnessing the inaugural issue.

In this second issue, there are 14 pieces ranging from clinical practice, leadership, legislation and student experiences, each providing in-depth knowledge on various aspects of the pharmacy profession.

Published: 01.07.2022

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